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   Christopher Torio

   Launch Date
   February 28, 2019



   Android (planned)


Chicken Sniper

About the Game

Chicken Sniper is a tap and swipe game that allows you to control the main protagonist (a paranoid and stressed chicken).  The game's objective is to save all the peeps, get all the corns, and avoid all the snipers.  And beat all the enemies too!

The game has 3 challenges:

1. Free - Help the chicks escape in all 100+ levels.
2. Fight - Beat as many boars as you can and earn coins.
3. Flight - Fly as far as you can, earn corns and coins while avoiding snipers. 

The game will be available on iPhones and iPads soon.

Game Features

Use your mobile device's tap and swipe controls to run, fly and perform some kick and uppercut actions.  Static snipers can be easily avoided and do little harm with some agility.  Red scoped snipers are constantly moving and can instantly send you to chicken heaven (or someone's fridge).  Watch out for foxes, boars, sharks and tank rounds.

With the coins you earned, you can acquire "helper items" such as pail, decoy, oxygen tank, and armor from the main screen.  Note that these items will only be available to use in game levels where they can be useful.

The game hosts leaderboards and achievements through Apple's Game Center. It also uses Apple's ReplayKit so you can record your gameplay and share it to your families and friends through social media.

About the Developer

Christopher Torio is an independent game developer and a public servant.  He loves playing video games since the NES days (Ninja Ryukenden, Mario, Rock Man, Contra, Konami World, and Balloon Fight to name a few) and wished to make one someday.  He currently lives in Canada.

Chris single-handedly wrote the game's program using Swift.  He's currently planning to port the game for the Android devices.  Some of the graphics used by the game have been outsourced by the developer and a few game assets including music and sound effects were purchased online.  He made the game's official trailer.


Q1:  Is the game free?  
A:  Yes, with ads.  You can remove the ads and unlock all the game levels for a low price (1 USD or equivalent currency).  

Q2:  Can I still play the game without paying for the app?
A:  Yes you can!  A number of unlocked levels are available for you to enjoy.  

Q3:  Will it be available on iPhones and iPads only?
A:  It will be available on Android phones too.  Soon.

Q4:  Will it have virtual joystick for controls?
A:  No.  Taps and swipes are the controls.

Q5:  Are there boss fights?
A:  There's boar fights.

Q6:  Can my children play it?
A: There are some animated violence (but not the trauma inducing ones). 

Q7:  How many levels are there?
A:  100+

Q8:  Is it difficult to play?
A:  Not really.  It will make you think in strategic ways.

Q9:  Will I enjoy it?
A:  Hopefully.

Q10:  If I pay for the game, will it ask for more money at some point?
A:  Should you decide to buy the game, you only need to pay once for the full version.  In-app purchase (coins for helper items) is available but not required to finish the game.

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Graphics Package
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Game Trailer

Gameplay Video

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